Friday, September 26, 2014

Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake of Awaran, Pakistan 2014-09-25

2014-09-25 06:16:12 UTC : Awaran, Pakistan EARTHQUAKE

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Magnitude : 5.1

Event Time: Time and Date Starting of Earthquake Rupture 

  1. 2014-09-25 06:16:12 UTC

  1. 2014-09-25 11:16:12 UTC+05:00 at epicenter

Earthquake data:

Location : Position of Epicenter 

27.249°N 65.725°E

Depth : Depth of starting Rupture

28.9km (18.0mi)

Region : Awaran, Pakistan

Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake of Awaran, Pakistan 2014-09-25

 Directions and Distances :Directions and Distances from Geographical Reference in Close Proximity Which can be effected by Location Uncertainty

a)  100km (62mi) NNE of Awaran, Pakistan

b)  127km (79mi) NNW of Bela, Pakistan

c)  147km (91mi) SSW of Surab, Pakistan

150km (93mi) SSE of Kharan, Pakistan

e)  822km (511mi) ENE of Muscat, Oman

Location Uncertainty: 
5.1 mb
± 0.06
27.249°N, 65.725°E
28.9 km
± 4.0 km
Number of Phase Applied1

Minimum Distance2
859.2 km (7.72°)

Travel Time Residual3
1.04 sec

Azimuthal Gap4
1Number of phase Applied: 
In determining location of hypocenter, applied number of observations on P waves and S waves. The greater the more accurate prediction of EQ.

2Minimum Distance:
 Horizontal distance of nearest Station measured in Km from epicenter. The smaller the more accuracy in prediction of depth of EQ.

3Travel Time Residual:
 A way of measurement of fit of arrival time observed to arrival time predicted for particular location. The smaller the better fit of data.

4Azimuthal Gap: 
Expressed in degree; the smaller the smaller the error in horizontal positioning of EQ. Large uncertainty is considered when exceeds 180° (both depth and location)

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