Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Magnitude 4.6 Earthquake of Florina, Greece 2014-09-17

2014-09-17 12:33:24 UTC :Florina, Greece EARTHQUAKE

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Magnitude : 4.6

Event Time: Time and Date Starting of Earthquake Rupture 

  1. 2014-09-17 12:33:24 UTC

  1. 2014-09-17 15:33:24 UTC+03:00 at epicenter

Earthquake data:

Location : Position of Epicenter 

40.823°N 21.295°E

Depth : Depth of starting Rupture 

11.4km (7.1mi)

Region : Florina, Greece

Magnitude 4.6 Earthquake of Florina, Greece 2014-09-17

Directions and Distances :Directions and Distances from Geographical Reference in Close Proximity Which can be effected by Location Uncertainty

a)  10km (6mi) WNW of Florina, Greece

b)  23km (14mi) S of Bitola, Macedonia

c)  34km (21mi) N of Kastoria, Greece

d)  37km (23mi) SE of Resen, Macedonia

e)  131km (81mi) S of Skopje, Macedonia

Location Uncertainty: 
4.6 mb
± 0.11
40.823°N, 21.295°E--
11.4 km
± 4.7 km
Number of Phase Applied1

Minimum Distance2
8.7 km (0.08°)

Travel Time Residual3
0.86 sec

Azimuthal Gap4

1Number of phase Applied: 
In determining location of hypocenter, applied number of observations on P waves and S waves. The greater the more accurate prediction of EQ.

2Minimum Distance:
 Horizontal distance of nearest Station measured in Km from epicenter. The smaller the more accuracy in prediction of depth of EQ.

3Travel Time Residual:
 A way of measurement of fit of arrival time observed to arrival time predicted for particular location. The smaller the better fit of data.

4Azimuthal Gap: 
Expressed in degree; the smaller the smaller the error in horizontal positioning of EQ. Large uncertainty is considered when exceeds 180° (both depth and location)

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